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Office Staff
Contact Sandra Ceja  Sandra Ceja STEM Office Manager
Contact Guadalupe Salinas  Guadalupe Salinas Sr. Office Tech, Welcome Center
Community Representatives
Contact Crystall Acosta  Crystall Acosta Community Representative
Contact Ruben Ventura Hernandez  Ruben Ventura Hernandez Community Representative
Building and Grounds
Contact Tim Ford  Tim Ford Plant Manager
Contact Donald Tribble  Donald Tribble Custodian
Other Staff
Contact Eunice Castaneda  Eunice Castaneda School Librarian
Contact Frank Lopez  Frank Lopez Educare
Contact Jaime Martinez  Jaime Martinez Financial Manager
Contact Pricila Oporto  Pricila Oporto School Nurse
Contact Ahmed Peracha  Ahmed Peracha Cafeteria Manager
Contact Juan Santacruz  Juan Santacruz School Police Officer
Aides and T.A.s
Contact Rogelio Ferrer  Rogelio Ferrer Supervision Aide
Contact Adriana Guevara  Adriana Guevara Campus Aide
Contact Yadira Martinez  Yadira Martinez Classroom T.A.
Contact Emma Ramirez Cabada  Emma Ramirez Cabada Campus Aide
Contact Edwin Ramirez  Edwin Ramirez Campus Aide
Contact Yazmin Ramirez  Yazmin Ramirez Classroom T.A.
Contact Julie Solorzano  Julie Solorzano Classroom T.A.
Contact Traci Thomas  Traci Thomas Classroom T.A.